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Ensure your staff's expertise now - and in the future Vale has specialized in engaging training for over 65 years. We offer a variety of auto, property and casualty programs and classes geared for today's world.

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This training is designed to provide a foundation for the Study of Automotive Estimatics. After completing this module you should: Understand automobile construction and how a vehicle reacts in a collision. Be able to name the commonly damaged components and know where they are located. Have a better knowledge of the estimating process so you can comprehend the damages. Read More

SIU course that meets annual training requirements in California Insurance Code.  This course teaches a adjuster how to detect fraud in claim files.   Read More

This course will give you a good overview of expected behavior that applies in the absence of laws and gives the insurance professional the tools needed to think through conflict situations.  This one hour course will cover the following: Ethical Principles Business Ethics Core Beliefs Accountability Good Faith Ethical Dilemmas and how to handle them Uninvited Gifts Examples of a company's code of ethics and claim handling guidelines Examples of breach of ethics and much more! Read More

This course will prepare commercial drone (sUAS) operators to pass the FAA test to become certified to legally fly Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for commercial purposes.   As of August 29, 2016, individuals are no longer required to obtain a 333 Exemption or have a pilot’s license to operate a sUAS. Individuals, however, are required to pass an exam showing their comprehensive aptitude of the knowledge required to operate an sUAS in a commercial capacity. After completing this course and reviewing the recommended content, you should be able to pass the exam given by an FAA approved testing center (CATS and PSI).  This course will take you 5-7 hours to complete. Read More

Insurance adjuster training for evaluating earthquake damage. This training is based on California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.5.1.  The purpose of these regulations is to set forth standards governing the training of insurance adjusters in evaluating damage caused by earthquakes. This course meets the standards for all states requiring earthquake training for adjusters. Read More

This training is based on California Code of Regulations, Title 10. Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.5, Section 2695.  The purpose of these regulations is to set forth standards governing the training of individuals requiring the training or understanding on this subject. This course meets the requirements for the annual training requirements on California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations. This course teaches a practical approach to fair claim handling and is designed to meet claim handling best practices. This course starts with a general section that applies to all lines of insurance, then splits into sections specific to Property, Auto, Surety, Mortgage, Life & Disability. A link to your certificate of completion will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the course. Who will benefit: Insurance Claim Professionals who require annual training on the subject Brokerage Professionals who monitor claims on behalf of their insured Attorneys and paralegals who work in the insurance litigation area Read More

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